Large Space Thicken Three Layers Cotton Tent

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Product weight: About 9/11KG
Cloth material: 210D Oxford cloth
Tent size:
S:Length 150CM* width 150CM * height 165CM (165CM is net width,not include the snow skirt width)
M:Length 180CM* width 180CM * height 210CM (180CM is net width,not include the snow skirt width)


1. This tent is a push-pull automatic tent free of construction structure. It is convenient and quick to push and pull. It is stronger and stronger than the automatic umbrella structure of the ordinary umbrella structure. The connecting piece is a metal connecting piece and is not easy to be damaged.
2. The design of the 2 door, 2 windows and 2 vents of the tent makes the tent space more transparent and more comfortable. The window screen and sequins can be dismantled freely. It can be used according to the situation, which is more convenient and humanized.
3. This tent has good wind and warmth performance. The thick 9.5MM solid glass steel rod provides stronger stability, strong wind resistance, and draws a drawstring to resist the 7-level wind. The unique design of the skirt around the bottom can make it better in winter. Insulation to prevent cold wind from invading the account.
4. This tent is designed without bottom. It can be used for free ice fishing. It can also be used as a bathroom or a dressing room. If you use it in other seasons, you only need to equip it with a suitable floor.

You can choose to add a fixed base fabric and a detachable base fabric. Adding the base fabric requires an increase in price, and you need to contact customer service.
1.This tent is a small version,for 1-2 person use,there are only one door.
2.There is inner skirt of this tent,can match with a bottom mat,as the following picture show,if you need the bottom mat,please contact with us to check the price,thank you.

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